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MUROPEN Company Profile

To create environmental and energy-saving living condition, Muropen brings thermal break technology to door and window system. Our thermally broken double glazed windows and doors are able to stop noise by up to 80% and keep your home in proper temperature during summer and winter.Thermal break technology features a reinforced PA66 bar between the inside and outside aluminium profiles, it makes possible to create windows and doors with 2 colors. MUROPEN offers anodized, powder coated and woodgrain aluminum sections with a durable surface coating, we give the flexibility to combine different internal and external window finishes, with hundred color combinations available.

High Strength Thermal Break Aluminum Profiles

1. 6063 Aluminium profile ( wood grain finsh, powder coated finish and anodized finish)
2. Strong hinge for optimal performance
3. Fly screen (S.S.)
4. Double glazing (Up to 32 mm )
5. Central gasket made from EPDM guarantees water and air tightness
6. Thermal break system (Ensinger Insulbar®)
7. Overlap gasket made from EPDM, for wind protection and water penetration

Original Hardwood

To offer great design flexibility with nearly endless options, Muropen® offers both premium aluminum and aluminum clad wood windows and patio doors. Our well selected primeval forest timbers are fine textured and straight grained, it’s offer improved strength , durability and maintain the same warmth and elegance of an all wood window.

Heavy Duty Hardware

We use various range of world-class hardware to ensure our doors and windows more durable, functional and elegant.

Strong Durablitity

The Muropen® patent barrier-free dual-track technology ensures the sliding systems pushing and pulling up to 10 million times without derail.

Super water tightness

By using the automotive technology sealants and EPDM strips, effectively enhance the air tightness to level 6 and the noise reduction performance meets the international standards.

Coated LOW-E glass

Coated LOW-E glass to ensure insulation, and effectively blocking 99% of UV radiation. In addition we wisey use the lotus effect to achieve self-cleaning.

Self cleaning insulation glass

water tightness is one of the most important elements determining the quality and comfort level of the systems installed. Muropen® aluminum and wood clad windows and doors are designed and tested to withstand different levels of water and wind tightness.

Amazing heat insulation designs

Sentific self-designed thermal broken aluminum profiles system, Ensinger Insulbar ® and EPDM sealing designs ensure our coefficient of heat conduction meets CE standards (3W/㎡)