Advantages of Muropen ® Casement Windows


When designing or considering replace your windows, casement windows are a great selection and come with many benefits.Casement windows
 sashes hinged on the friction hinges —they feature a hand crank that opens the window vertically on a metal track. 

Advantage1: Energy Efficiency

Generally speaking, casement windows are the second most energy efficient type of window, after fixed-windows. When closed,casement windows
have an airtight seal to prevent unwanted airflow into and out of the house efficiently.

Advantage2: Wider Open Ventilation

Casement windows unlike other windows that only open half-way vertically or horizontally, it’s open completely. It’s able to allow nice breeze into your
home on a cool summer night or allow for the first spring breeze to freshen up your home after a cold winter.

Advantage3: Superior Security

 The casement windows’ locks are embedded into the frame to providing enhanced safety and security. It allows people to decide how wide to open
their windows, so they don’t have to leave their home vulnerable with a big opening.
 Muropen® casement windows are a great choice for a home or business owners looking for windows that offer energy efficiency, durability and safety.
If you are interested in having casement windows installed in your home or business, contact us now!
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